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PHT Magnetics MagnaCU Fly Sheet PHT Products MagnaCU Fly Sheet

MagnaCU Fly Sheet

Price: $555 - includes shipping*

Blanket Color:
Square Color:

NOTE: Black blankets are currently unavailable in sizes 74, 76, and 78. Be sure to contact us for current delivery times if you would like to receive your blanket by a specific date.

MagnaCu™ QuickWraps

Price: $205/pair - includes shipping*

Color: Black

MagnaCu Tendon Wraps MagnaCu Tendon Wraps

MagnaCu™ Tendon Wraps

Price: 12", $189/pair - includes shipping*

Color: Deep Navy

MagnaCu Wonder Wraps

MagnaCu™ Wonder Wraps

Price: $215/pair - includes shipping*

Black with choice of square color

Square Color:
CuHorse Wonder Wraps

CuHorse Wonder Wraps

Price: $149/pair - includes shipping*

Quantity :
MagnaCu Stifle Wraps

MagnaCu™ Stifle Wraps

Price: $255 - includes shipping*

Size: One size fits all

Quantity :
CU Horse Stifle Wraps

CuHorse Stifle Wraps

Price: $209/pair - includes shipping*

Quantity :
MagnaCu Hock Wraps MagnaCu Hock Wraps

MagnaCu™ Hock Boots

Price: $215/pair - includes shipping*

Square Color:
MagnaCu Bell Boots

MagnaCu™ Bell Boots

Price: $199/pair - includes shipping*

Quantity :
MagnaCu Super Bell Boots

MagnaCu™ Super Bell Boots

Price: $215/pair - includes shipping*

Quantity :
MagnaCu Full Throttle Hood

MagnaCu Full Throttle Hood

Price: $319 - includes shipping*

Hood Color: Black or White

Size: Large or X-Large

Square Color:
Hood Color:
PHT Magnetic Fly Masks

MagnaCu Fly Masks

Price: $119 - includes shipping*

Please specifiy in comments section which size. If none is specified, Horse size will be shipped

Quantity :
Square color:
CuHorse Quilt CuHorse Quilt

CuHorse Quilts

Size: 12"x30"

Price: Set (4) $54.95

CuHorse Copper Wraps

CuHorse Copper Only Wraps

Price: $119 per set

Set includes: (1) 10" and (1) 12" pair of wraps

CuHorse Pet Blankets

CuHorse Pet Blankets

24"x24" - $45
36"x36" - $65
46"x36" - $75
48"x48" - $99
72"x56" - $170


CuHorse Wound Care Package 1

Price: $179 - includes shipping*

(2) 4"x4"
(2) 10"x10"
(1) 28"x12"


CuHorse Wound Care Package 2

Price: $199 - includes shipping*

(2) 4"x4"
(2) 12"x12"
(1) 28"x12"


PHT Magnetics Gift Certificates

PHT Gift Certificates are good for 6 months from time of purchase. Please print out the receipt as it will have the code necessary to redeem. To redeem just add items to your cart and then fill in the code where it says Gift Certificate in the shopping cart

$50, $100, $150, $500

Gift Certificate :


Magnetic Poll Pacs

PHT Magnetic Poll Pacs are only available through our dealers.

CuDog Copper Therapy

CuDog Black - Retail $85 Available in Sizes 14, 16, 18 inches and only available through our dealers.

MagnaDog Magnet Therapy

MagnaCu Dog Black with your color choice of squares - $185 Only available through our dealers.

CuDog Magnet Therapy

MagnaCu Dog Tie Dye - $185 Available in Size 14" and ONLY with Turquoise squares VERY limited supply. Available through our dealers.

CuDog Dog Magnet Therapy

CuDog Tie Dye - Retail $85 ONLY available in size 14" VERY limited supply. Available through our dealers.

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Since 2001, we have been providing you the best equine magnetic therapy on the market. We are committed to continuing to bring you the best PHT can offer. Along with great customer service. Contact us with any questions: 806-418-5641

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